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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Release of the Systems Biology Workbench 2.10.0

We are proud to finally announce a new release of the Systems Biology Workbench 2.10.0. You can download this release directly from SourceForge. This version provides updates to all components:

  • Jarnac comes up with an altered front-end, that will make it easier to work with it. It features also additional script commands .
  • JDesigner has been updated to work on newer Windows versions (7-8.1). It also can now load and save model parameters from / to external files. And it features a new plugin system.

Since our last official release, the SBML Level 3 Layout Package has finally been officially accepted, this release supports that final version as well. Similarly, SED-ML Level 1 Version 2 has been released, and with the Simulation Tool those files can be executed. Broken down into individual applications we have:

  • Layout Viewer / SBW Auto Layout: Support for SBML Level 3 Layout Package.
  • SBW Simulation Tool: Support for all SBML levels, and SED-ML Level 1 Version 2. First experiments such as Parameter Scans can also be exported. It also automatically displays targets of SBML Events / Rules in the list of selected elements, when loading models. The Simulation Tool also supports loading files from the COMBINE archive.
  • SBML Support Library: SBML models using the Hierarchical Model Composition package will be automatically flattened, when possible (The file has to be valid, and all submodels have to be reachable.).
  • JarnacLite / RoadRunner / SBML Support Library / JDesigner: A number of custom annotations have been added to allow the specification / simulation of distribution functions, or referencing the rate of change of a species. I've written about that before: distribution and rateOf.

As some of you know, Frank has joined the COPASI team. This made it possible to write a translator for COPASI, and now there is a new SBW import category that enables calling modules, to have a specific format converted into SBML, which can then be consumed. Current bidirectional translators are available for COPASI and JARNAC format. Practically that means that COPASI and JARNAC files can now be directly imported into: Simulation Tool, Auto Layout and others.

Of course there have been many more changes, bug fixes and improvements, so have a look at our full changelog.