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Monday, March 4, 2013

libSBML 5.8.0 Released

Just as follow up to the release of the SBML Level 3 Package for Flux Balance Constraints: we have now released a new version of libSBML, that includes the FBC package enabled in all binaries. That is not just the core library, but also all language bindings (including MATLAB). Particularly I want to highlight three features:

  • the first one is full validation: all validation rules have been implemented in libSBML and will be validated automatically on a checkConsistency() call on SBMLDocuments.
  • the other one are the converters: we have included converters from the COBRA annotation to the FBC package and vice versa. Examples are available online, or in the source archives including the package.
  • Finally, C++ documentation of the package is available online. While package documentation is not yet available for language bindings, they do use the same function calls, so the information is transferable.

See also the full release announcement for more information.