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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flux Balance Constraints for libSBML 5.0.0

In time for todays session on SBML at HARMONY 2011 below a set of windows binaries that include libSBML 5.0.0 with the first beta version of the Flux Balance Constraints package. This time the package is implemented using the libSBML 5 extension API, which allows easy interaction with SBML Level 3 extensions.

For more information about the Flux Balance Constraints package, please have a look at the proposal page. On that page you find a detailed description about the current proposal, as well as links to examples.

Below you find full installers (including C#, Java, Perl and Python bindings) as well as python bindings for specific versions of Python.

If you don’t use Windows and still would like to try out the FBC package on your platform, I have a source package. In order to use this, download the libSBML 5 source distribution, as well as the fbc-package, then extract the fbc-package into the libsbml 5 source tree. Next, use CMake to configure the program to your needs, ensuring to set ENABLE_FBC=ON (or in the UI check the ENABLE_FBC option).

  1. libSBML 5.0.0 source release
  2. fbc-package-beta-1

Please let me know how the package is working for you.