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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Frequency Analysis integrated …

For a long time now roadRunner has the capability to calculate the frequency response for the currently loaded model. Of course the functionality was never used, as it was not exposed in any of our interfaces. So for the upcoming release of SBW 2.7.9 I have integrated a Frequency Analysis Control with the ‘Simulation Tool’. What is different from previous applications that we had, is that now it is integrated with the environment, that is now it is possible to change the parameters, and interactively explore the frequency response. Of course the values can be exported directly to Excel (or your favorite CSV viewer), or printed. You could try it out in the release candidate to SBW 2.7.9.


What you see on the picture is that the simple linear chain model that we include with the SBW installation acts as a low pass, that is it will let a signal with low frequencies through, but not signals with high frequencies.

Simplifying Bifurcation Analysis

Update: I've corrected the download location for this program. It is available from:  here

All tools for Bifurcation analysis have always been a bit difficult to use. This was the motivation for a new frontend to Auto 2000. Below a screenshot showing the stability of BioModel #203.  All that was needed was to load the model, set the Parameter to ‘A’, change the End value to ‘100’, as i wanted to sweep the range [0:100] and then to press run. In the output i noticed that the value never quite reached ‘100’ and thus i increased the number of points. All in all, really easy to use.

Of course it needs more testing, if you are interested in it you can download it. As always it will require SBW to be installed. The program also works nicely on Linux (tested with Ubuntu 8.10), you need to drop me a line, and i can wrap that up. So far I did not have much luck getting it to run on OS X.