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Friday, December 20, 2013

libSBML Python Bindings

For a long time we have received reports, that the bindings to some of the supported bindings are hard to build. Usually we would prefer to provide binaries, however in the case of some languages this is not feasible, as there are different versions (that are incompatible with each other) being used. For this reason we have decided to work on creating standalone source packages for python, ruby, perl and r bindings.
The first package that I looked into was python. The idea would be to create two flavors of the source packages, one with libSBML core + accepted packages (dubbed python-libsbml), and another that includes also all proposed packages (dubbed python-libsbml-experimental).
With these source packages, installing the python bindings is as simple as running:
python install
Thanks to the Open Build Service this also makes it possible to provide binaries for a variety of linux distributions for them. They provide even repositories, so that the packages could be automatically updated, when a new version has been released.

Linux Binaries:

Hopefully in time for the next release we want to add these packages to the standard repositories (like pypi) over. And so I would like to ask you for feedback on the packages so far. Thanks!