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Friday, July 30, 2010

The SBW Simulation Tool – Part 1 – Look And Feel

The new release of the Systems Biology Workbench brings with it a largely rewritten version of the SBW Simulation Tool. Based on a new plug-in system, the Simulation Tool is now easily extendable. This allows not just to add new interactive simulation experiments, but also change the visual aspect of the Simulation Tool.

Changing the Look and Feel

By allowing the layout of the Simulation Tool customized by plug-ins it is now possible to find a layout that suits everyone. Here a the inbuilt examples:

image image image

But of course it would be easy to extend it … say by using a ribbon layout on windows:


I wonder what the simulation tool will look like tomorrow :)

In order to change the layout a user simply selects one of the options from the menu:


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