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Friday, July 30, 2010

The SBW Simulation Tool – Part 4 – Parameter Scanning

It was always a bit cumbersome to perform parameter scans with our tools. Thus, with the new release of SBW a new plug-in was written that makes performing 1 or 2d parameter scans a snap. Be it steady state, or time course scans it should be easy to do. We support ranges (varying a parameter from a min to a max value in a number of steps), logarithmic ranges, or even just entering of specific parameter values to be used.

In order to be able to plot the scan results we interface with Gnuplot and allow users to tweak the gnuplot scripts. Resulting figures can then be exported as PDF or image.

Below a demonstration of the feature:

As you can see towards the end instead of just the floating species a wealth of output options is available.

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