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Friday, July 30, 2010

The SBW Simulation Tool – Part 3 – The Script Plug-in

The new SBW Simulation Tool also features a script plug-in. By embedding IronPython, the popular python scripting language is available to power users. The script plug-in has access to the currently active Simulator (i.e.: RoadRunner) in its current state. Via simple programming one can influence all model variables and perform all kind of perturbation experiments. Also exposed are a Gillespie Simulator, the LibStructural Library. Of course access is granted to the host application, the plug-in itself and the graph panel. Finally, it is possible to programmatically access the BioModels database.

Admittedly the current implemented console is no substitute for a real Python editor, however, it is suited for inspections of the current state. For advanced use we recommend writing Python scripts in a separate editor and executing these scripts from the python console.

Below a short introduction to the script console. More documentation about the available methods is to come soon!

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