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Thursday, April 29, 2010

RoadRunner & Java (!?)

Darren Wilkinson is here this week early for the Hackathon this weekend. One of his projects is CaliBayes, which addresses the issue of estimating  parameters of kinetic laws. CaliBayes uses Java, and until now using RoadRunner required to go through the SBW Java bindings, to the SBW Broker to RoadRunner. It seems apparent, that this won’t deliver the best possible performance.

A couple of weeks ago I first dabbled in embedding the mono runtime for use of RoadRunner in C++. So it seemed clear, that this could be extended to the JNI world.

A prototype was quickly written and tested on OSX (10.6, using a 32bit JVM) and verified to work on Ubuntu 9.10 (32 bit). So far the version is not working in 64bit Linux. Mainly because all our libraries are not yet available for 64bit. Oh well … but it is a start …

The Ubuntu version is now online on the source forge project, source code an all:

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