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Monday, November 2, 2009

Systems Biology Workbench / Linux made easy

I’m just back from the monospace event, which by the way was really amazing. In his keynote Miguel presented SUSE studio, which makes it very easy to put together a Linux live cd, VMware image or USB images with your favorite Linux app.


Given the huge number of support requests I received for the SBW Linux versions, i thought it would make a good test case to put together a live CD for the last SBW version. Here the download links:

The Linux distribution is openSUSE (11.1) and automatic login is set up for user ‘sbw’ with password ‘linux’ which is also the admin password.

And here a screen cast of what the experience is like (For this i just downloaded the VMware Image above, extracted the archive (using for example WinRAR) and next started the VMware Image using VMware Workstation (a free VMware player is also available)):

Now admittedly, this is not yet working as smoothly as possible, I will polish the build process in time for the next SBW release and then all the remaining GUI glitches will be gone.

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