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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RoadRunner and Events

Finally I’m back from this years ICSB. In discussions at the SBML Forum I noticed that the timing of events in roadRunner could be improved. RoadRunner is of course our high performance simulator, which is also available as web application on our home page. I’ve just finished the modifications on roadRunner and ran through the test suite again:


And while roadRunner still won’t support Algebraic Rules, the ‘fast’ flag on SBML Reactions or Delay Differential Equations, we now pass all other tests. (You might wonder about the isolated four points that in red scream that the event timing would be off. For full disclosure those are the test cases 408, 428, 684 and 849. In discussions with the COPASI team and Chris Myers from iBioSim it would seem that it is the test cases that are to blame.)

Windows users can get the new roadRunner installed from here, or by choosing “Systems Biology Workbench\Utilities\Update SBW” from the Start menu of an existing SBW 2.7.10 release. A new Linux and OSX release will be made later in the month, or early next month, when we hopefully have SBML Level 3.

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