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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Updated FluxBalance Tool

Today I want to announce a new version of the FluxBalance tool. New in this version is that it works better with SBW. By adding a new entry to the menu bar “Export L2”, it is now possible to export the Flux Balance problem designed to other SBW modules as SBML Level 2 Version 4 files with the FluxBalance annotation. Is the button not pressed the SBML Level 3 File with the official Flux Balance Constraints Package will be exported. The new installer is available immidiately from SourceForge under:

Screenshot 2013-11-10 16.09.45

Unfortunately, we are still not quite there for the next SBW release, last changes on JDesigner are in the process. In the meantime there is a new update for SBW please feel free to download the latest version.


Robert D Phair said...

This is cool, but is the screenshot actually the final solution for that example problem?

Frank Bergmann said...

It is indeed, what you don't see in the JD rendering is the actual stoichiometry used. If you know that

R5: 2 A -> D
R6: D -> 2 E

suddenly it all makes sense. SBGN to the rescue!