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Friday, April 5, 2013

COMBINE archive … an implementation

It has been quite some time ago, that the COMBINE archive was proposed it seemed a simple enough format. I had a library for some time, but was not yet sure where to read it. As with any format, if no files are around there will be no applications written to support them.

In any case, since the conversion is going again, I’ve decided to put all the information about the library, and an first version of a graphical frontend for it. As with any experimental frontend it is written again for Windows. The links below have the details:

About the User Interface

When you open an archive in the application, you will find the following layout:


On the left you find the list of files contained in the archive, separated by their type, currently only a limited number of the COMBINE standards is recognized and an even smaller number can be interacted with, but that will change in the future. When you select a file, the systems preview handler will be used to generate a preview, as you can see in the screenshot with the PDF. Also recognized are images, and websites. Can the format not be determined, the file will be displayed as plain text, which may or may not be helpful.

If an SBML file is selected, it will be displayed as plain text. But if you have SBW installed, you will see this pane on the top:


That will allow you to open the file immediately for simulation / editing with one of the defined favorite applications. Or you could choose any other installed SBW Analyzer. The next version will allow you to simulate SED-ML files, and view SBGN files … stay tunes! I’m also working on an online version for sysbioapps.

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