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Sunday, February 10, 2013

New SBML Test Suite Database!

As you might have noticed there is a new online service available on, the SBML Test Suite Database. We of course had the SBML Test Suite for quite some time, with an amazing number of 1196 tests (to date), that now also include tests for the Flux Balance Package and even Hierarchical Modeling. This new application lets you browse all these tests, filter for tests (for example: Show me all tests, that test ‘RandomEventExecution’) and  download a selection of tests right there.


At the heart of course is the capability to *upload* a zipped set of test results, and analyze them for yourself in a private area, and once you are happy with them have them published publicly for the world to see. I’ve am working on a new version of SBW, that uses the 5.7.0 version of libSBML. And here is what a result for RoadRunner would look like:


As you can see in yellow, RoadRunner will still not support AlgebraicRules, FastReactions or CSymbolDelay. However, libSBML will flatten comp models for RoadRunner, and so all comp tests that do not use the above mentioned elements will work just fine.

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