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Sunday, December 11, 2011

SBW goes Portable

Portable Applications, are applications that you can easily take with you on your USB stick. This allows to use your applications on all Windows machines by simply plugging in the stick. I’m pleased to announce a first prototype that will make the Systems Biology Workbench available for the framework. Here the download:

To install, simply launch portable apps, and then click on “Install a new App”:


It will install the following applications:


While the launcher only exposes: JDesigner,Jarnac, JarnacLite, the Simulation Tool,  SBML Translator, SBML Layout Viewer, AutoLayout and the C# Inspector, the full SBW installation is available.

If you need custom launchers for more applications, let me know (Possible candidates: BioModels Importer, Jacobian Viewer, Convert SBML, Shutdown SBW).

Please let me know whether this is working for you.


Unfortunately we won’t be able to have SBW be part of the Portable Apps dictionary since some SBW components use .NET and portable apps do not consider .NET widely enough spread. (Even though it appears that it was on 90% of  Windows machines in 2010, and is now part of windows update, and thus *everyone* updating their machine is likely to have it installed.) But there goes me rambling …

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