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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Introducing sysbioapps/Layout

Ever since the SBW applications have been pulled from and are only available via IP I am working on a new version for each of these applications. Today I’ve made the new version of my Layout web application available: 

See it live:

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The new application has the same basic features as the old one:

  • upload of an SBML file
  • displaying SBML Layout / SBML Render Format
  • displaying JDesigner / JDesigner 2 / CellDesigner annotation
  • generating a layout
  • exporting images / SVG / PDF

New in this version:

  • multiple file support
  • Chrome / Firefox: upload multiple files
  • Chrome / Firefox: drag and drop files onto the web site to upload
  • support for SBGN-ML


The new version has been implemented using ASP.NET MVC3  and JQuery / JQueryUI. The actual heavy lifting is performed by the SBML Layout Library. The PDF export is made possible through sbml2tikz, followed by a compilation by pdflatex.

As always any feedback is welcome.

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