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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SBW 2.8.3 Released

Just before the ICSB, here a new release of the Systems Biology Workbench. Exciting for me, lots of updates on the standard support:

  • improved support for SBGN-ML
  • improved support for SED-ML
  • (some fixes for SBRML)

There also is a brand new JDesigner and Jarnac available, with lots of goodies. So please grab the new version from SourceForge before it gets cold:

SBW 2.8.3

Some of you might wonder what happened to the Linux and OSX release. I’m afraid it did not get done in time. Even though all modules and code has been updated to compile fine on 32 bit and 64bit Linux. So where is the holdup? As it turns out the latest distro’s don’t come with Mono 2.10, so I figured I wait a bit longer to make that release.

If someone needs those binaries sooner let me know and I upload them.

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