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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Systems Biology Workbench 2.7.9 released

We finally have a new release of the Systems Biology Workbench. Here the release announcement:

We  are pleased  to announce  a release  of the  Systems Biology  Workbench 2.7.9,

available from:

The  Systems  Biology  Workbench   (SBW), is  a  software   framework  that allows   heterogeneous   application    components-written   in     diverse programming   languages  and   running   on  different   platforms   -   to communicate  and use  each  others' capabilities via a fast binary  encoded -message system. Our goal was  to create  a simple, high  performance, open -source   software  infrastructure  which   is   easy  to  implement    and understand.  SBW enables  applications  (potentially  running on  separate, distributed computers) to communicate via a simple network protocol.

The interfaces  to the  system  are  encapsulated in  client-side libraries that we provide for different programming languages.

Of  primary focus  for this  release was  to improve  performance for  core SBW components.  Now roadRunner  as well  as all  AutoLayout procedures are much  faster than before. The ‘Simulation Tool’ now also allows  performing frequency  analysis experiments.  Much effort  has  gone  into making  sure that this release works  on the Win64 architecture. This release   includes also fixes for  Jarnac,  JDesigner and  most other applications  we deliver with the framework.

For  this Windows  release we  switched  to  a new  compiler. Thus  it  is recommended to uninstall  the previous version  of SBW prior  to installing this  release. It  is also    recommended   to    install   the    compiler runtime   components  from:

For a full list of changes see:

As always we appreciate any feedback from users send to:


- the SBW Development Team

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