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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Simplifying Bifurcation Analysis

Update: I've corrected the download location for this program. It is available from:  here

All tools for Bifurcation analysis have always been a bit difficult to use. This was the motivation for a new frontend to Auto 2000. Below a screenshot showing the stability of BioModel #203.  All that was needed was to load the model, set the Parameter to ‘A’, change the End value to ‘100’, as i wanted to sweep the range [0:100] and then to press run. In the output i noticed that the value never quite reached ‘100’ and thus i increased the number of points. All in all, really easy to use.

Of course it needs more testing, if you are interested in it you can download it. As always it will require SBW to be installed. The program also works nicely on Linux (tested with Ubuntu 8.10), you need to drop me a line, and i can wrap that up. So far I did not have much luck getting it to run on OS X.


payman said...

Hi, I couldn't run the program on Windows 7, 64 bit. It seems that this program can be run on 32 bit system. Is there any solution for that?

Frank said...

I've just tried it on my Win7, 64 bit machine, without issues. As auto itself the program is extremely sensitive to the parameters you give it.

It would be great if you could provide me with more information, and perhaps a model so that i could reproduce the issue.

Christy Contreras said...

Hi Frank, from where can I download the version for Ubuntu 64 bit machine?